Climate Therapist is a growing directory of climate-aware therapists specializing in climate anxiety, climate grief, climate depression, and more.

How is Climate Therapist different from other online therapist directories?

Unlike mainstream directories, we specialize in curating climate-aware therapists. Climate therapists focus on climate specific topics that aren't typically addressed in more general directories.

What is a climate-aware therapist?

First and foremost, climate-aware therapists believe that climate change is an existential threat.

These therapists see feelings and symptoms of distress as meaningful and worth exploring. They help people find ways to cope with the reality of climate change. They speak about what people are afraid or ashamed of. All the while they help people chart a path toward living in accordance with what they value and care about.

Here are some additional resources for learning about climate-aware therapy and processing climate emotions:

How does this site sustain itself?

In order to keep all of the content available for free and help pay for the servers and maintenance that keeps the site running, the site is built, maintained, and financially supported by Sprigli.

Sprigli is a growing set of tools and resources for people working on or affected by climate change.

Visit Sprigli to learn more.

I'm a therapist, how can I get added to the directory?

Our goal is to make climate-aware therapy more accessible for those in climate distress and seeking help. We do this by helping potential clients find and contact you directly.

If you're a climate-aware therapist, you can join the directory here.